The Una Tribal Senate

In the Una Nation, one of the two parts of our government is the Una Tribal Senate. Each Senator is elected for a term of five years and they may serve a maximum of five terms. Separately, the Kien of the Una serves the people as the President of the Una Tribal Senate for life.

Present Interim-Senate Members:

  • President: Kien Ziwahatan of the Una
  • Vice President: Kien Mother Lucretia, High Chieftess of Ynasa
  • Senator: Kien Father Richard, High Chief of Setsej
  • Senator: Prince Consort Joshua of the Una

The current Senate has vowed that in 2025 a new election will be held for the Senate. Any member of the Una Nation may submit their name for consideration. That is how our elections work. Anyone who does not want to be considered simply do not submit their name for the election. We are confident that we will have a Senate of more than 20 people.