Welcome to the Official Website of the Una Nation



We are the Una (oo-nuh) Nation. One Nation over more than 35,000 enrolled members. Our Nation is of all Mixed-Blood Indigenous (Native) Americans, of the Diaspora of the government-sanctioned Genocide. Our enrollment consists of people who are of mixed heritage with at least one Native American ancestor. We DO NOT charge application, enrollment or renewal fees, because we believe a person should not be charged any amount of money to become a member of their own Nation.

We are Indigenous American Mixed-Bloods, who, through diplomacy, have become the first recognized Indigenous American Mixed-Blood Nation. Together, our People work for a better future for our children, grandchildren, etc.

"We are only as Strong as we are United, as Weak as we are Divided."
-J.K. Rowling

Let us come together and bring our Peoples together as one, and leave our imprint on the Earth, not only for the betterment of ourselves, but all generations to come. Welcome Home.


The Una Nation has been recognized, establishing diplomacy, by the Eastern Woodland Metis Nation Nova Scotia and the Metis Nation of Canada via treaties of Peace and Friendship, as well as being recognized by Mayor Christine Lundberg of Springfield, Oregon, Mayor Kitty Piercy of Eugene, Oregon and Mayor Lucy Vinis of Eugene, Oregon in the form of Proclamations.


Our whole mission is to be open to all members of the diaspora (scattered descendants) of the Native American Government-Sanctioned Genocide. Within the Una, we believe enrollment with our Nation should be for all mixed-blood descendants of Native Americans, to have a Nation to call home; a light in the darkness.


Here on our website you can find information about our Nation and People, as well as learn about our constitution and government, including about our King (Tekahyihakem). We seek nothing but peace and love among our People and Nation; we want to be us. To love each other and ourselves for who we are, and be accepted by others who feel the same. This creates bonds and experiences that can lead to lasting friendships and love and peace.