Since being founded in 2009, the Una Nation has established itself as one-of-a-kind, and that uniqueness and the history of our People has brought international and domestic recognition. As well as establishing an inter-government working relationship with other Nations. With the Una Nation encompassing the Indigenous (Native) American Mixed-Bloods  in North, Central, and South America, we currently have nearly 40,000 members and have signed three treaties with the following:

  • Eastern Woodland Metis Nation Nova Scotia (Canada) - 2016;
  • Metis Nation of Canada (Canada) - 2016; and
  • Chiricahua Apache Mimbreno Nde Nation (United States) - 2019

Further, we have received official recognition from three sitting Mayors in two cities in Oregon, United States. They are:

  • Mayor Christine Lundberg, of Springfield, Oregon - 2016
  • Mayor Kitty Piercy, of Eugene, Oregon - 2016
  • Mayor Lucy Vinis, of Eugene, Oregon - 2017